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Kadang Kadang diorang tak perasan.

Kadang-kadang diorang tak perasan.
“Gee, aku bagi harapan sangat ke kat orang?” Tanya Abdol kepada Gee.
“Eh… tak lah. Diorang tu yang over. Bila kau reply comment ig sikit, diorang dah rasa kau bagi  harapan…” Abdol lega mendengar jawapan Gee.
“Ni yang buat aku sayang kat kau ni Gee” Gee tersenyum.
Gee seorang perempuan.


Di Instagram.
*Abdol uploaded his photo* It is undeniable, Abdol has the face of Adonis. Adored by many; he has the aura, charismatic. Name anything’s good. It’s him.
Lauracayunkkamoo commented : Abdol, I melt tgk gambar you…. Abdolhensem123 replied            : I pulak, bergegar tulang rusuk, tulang punggung,                                                                                     tulang belakang   tengok u. <3 *winkwink*
“Eh… tak lah. Diorang tu yang over. Bila kau reply comment ig sikit, diorang dah rasa kau bagi harapan…”
Gee membaca, hatinya rasa lain....
Gee seorang perempuan.

Remaining Grateful to Allah

Salam 'Alaik readers.

People in generally will turn into Allah to thank him for his blessings and whatnots bila kita dapat sesuatu nikmat. It's kinda a ritual. Bila, sesuatu yang baik datang we thank Him but we forget (intentionally) when something bad comes through our ways.

However, the doctrine that everyone (including me) practices after all this while, sometimes kita hanya bersyukur tentang sesuatu yang baik je.........

The question is, do we have to wait for a particular occasion that brings happiness and good things - to thank Allah? Expressing thanks to Allah, is described as being  grateful to Allah unconditionally, and in every waking moment of one’s life, regardless of the circumstances being positive or negative.

For everything that happens, let's take the lesson from the good side only. Be optimist.

Kita ambil contoh, bila kita dapat result yang kurang bagus. Reflect upon ourselves. Selain efforts, there are some other factors that shall be taken into account. Mung…
Trust. Many relate it to so many metaphors

Trust is like a rubber, it gets smaller and smaller (after every mistake).

I do not trust everybody. Even sometimes, I doubt my parents. Because we are all human beings, each one of us has possibilities to break promises, to lie, to tell our secrets to other person(s),etc- anything else that can make one to be not trusted anymore. 

It happens, always. In school we’ve done this before.

“You’re the only person that I tell this story to. Don’t tell anyone else, it’s between us.” Alas! The whole class knows. 

Trust is like a mirror, you can fix it if it's broken, but you can still see the crack in that mother fucker's reflection.

We doubt everyone, don’t we? 

That’s why we set up passwords on our phones, laptops and such. Worse, some of us even install an app which we can set up passwords for each application in our phones! Ridiculous!

You hate it so much when your own sibling(s) go into your room during your absence. You afraid he/she/they will …
What would you feel, when you receive a phone call from your mother, who's in hysterics, telling you in rasped breaths that your sister, which was healthy and happy just two days before you last met her is now in fact, dead?

Shock and denial were what i initially felt.  "Bonda cakap betul betul, jangan main main!"  "Betul long, angah dah takde!" Immediately after that, i felt as if i was suffocating. I couldn't breathe. I couldn't comprehend the news. Tak mungkin agun dah takde.  She's my sister, it's impossible.
Selalunya kalau balik, mesti semua tunggu kaklong balik. But who knew there would come a day where I had to come back home to my sister's death. Selama ni baca tentang kematian, aku fikir if it was to happen to me, aku akan kuat. Tetapi ya Allah, engkau sahaja tahu apa yang aku rasa ketika itu. Naik komuter alone, crying all the way from Nilai to Seremban, and hailed a taxi straight to the hospital to be met with the image of my mothe…
I thought as we are getting older, we could fully understand our responsibilities as a manusia generally and a Muslim, specifically. 

I have One Big problem

“Dah solat?” I asked..

“Belum….. kita penat. Nak tidur dah ni.”What she replied to.

This one, I have no idea how to deal with this-clean. Betul tak, when you are close to somebody you takut gila nak advice your friend or tegur mana yang tak betul because yaaa as a fren u shud bekap la yo kawan.

This might be an advantage for myself when I don’t even close yet or belum kamceng giler with this person. I should’ve tegur DIA LIKE EVERYTIME SHES planning to skip solat! And all I ended up sighing alone to the futile reprimands. I  sekali dua pernah tegur like “Solat lah dulu, we are not even sure bila kita mati & kalau dalam tidur nanti mati cemana?” I don’t want to sound so harsh but I think that is still not considered as being harsh! I am being SO DAMN NICE.


“Nanti kalau aku tegur banyak kali, dia ingat aku bajet a…
i cannot write any longer. I am crying so hard now, can't imagine to experiencing it if it were to be one of my family members.
Tapi, Ed tahu Dinie kuat! Sedih tu takpe Dinie. Fitrah manusia ada perasaan. 
Although it takes time.---
Sampai bila kan asyik nak cakap "rindu ni......" rindu tu....." Reminisce every moments we enjoyed during the school years en..... Lagi-lagi form5, masatu lah our bonding dengan kawan kawan lagi kuat bcs we were struggling together against all the obstacles sebab nak spm en.
Tapi bila dah 6 bulan habis sekolah, 6 bulan.............. does the topic of rindu ini rindu itu still to be something relevant to talk about? I realized this, bila aku membebel sensorang kat group Whatsapp and I didn't even got any replies until the tomorrow day, somebody came up with different topics to talk about. Well...... i see, i understand now.
Until when you have to stick with the kenangan terindah masa form5 kan? Haha, now u see............... nobody cares about you. You ended up staying alone kat rumah and membebel di group Whatsapp tho nobody gaf bout u kah! Everybody has their own lives and they seems okay without you anymore haha (WELL THIS PARAGRAPH IM TALKING TO MYSELF, DONT BOTHER…
Now I know how it feels to fail;
to own what I've ever dreamed of.

When later i look up in the sky
Counting stars, then
To see you fly

I hope you would 
peek through the window
To see me watching you,
i doubt you would.

because you are over the clouds, with rainbow and stars.
Menuju Falah

Tatkala kita bicara tentang kebahagiaan, rata-rata akan berkata, saya hanya akan bahagia kalau...

Persoalannya, kenapa kebahagiaan yang kita inginkan perlu bersyarat? Personally I myself have this habit. I thought i would have to achieve or own something in order to be happy. You guys feel me, kan?

So, saya, Miss Nugget Fingers harini nak cuba menjadi agen perubahan insan (poyo je) and help you find the happiness that you've been seeking. *cheeky smile*

Kita sebenarnya should be happy despite the condition of our surroundings, because ladies and gentlemen, kita ada Islam, Iman, Ikhsan dan berasa yang Allah sentiasa ada dengan kita. And we should be happy untuk segala nikmat yang Allah berikan tak kira korang ni muslim, mukmin or even kafir! Subhanallah. Jadi, senang cerita orang yang tak bahagia ni sebenarnya tidak bersyukur dengan nikmat Allah.

"Aku bersyukur je, tapi..." HA! Tu kawan-kawan sebenarnya menunjukkan yang kita ni tak cukup ikhlas dan bersyukur. …

Signing in to Quora to search about mum (mother's day esok woi) And most of them were not about mothers (something I upset of), But I stumble upon a Question; How would you express love? 

The definition to action speaks louder than words. Proclaiming to the whole world you love somebody, is just never enough. Proof it.
//Bonus adds on to da topic of əˈfekSH(ə)n 
Q; The best/ worst answer to I love You
2. Y: I love you X: Aww. You remind me of my late grandmother. She used to say the same
3. X: I LOVE YOU!!! Y: Well.......................who doesn't?

ps: spread the love. 
pps: Sayang Allah & Rasulullah seharusnya didahulukan.
happy mother;s day (although this post is not so daughter-aprreciation post towards ma madre)
I can't imagine surviving the life without my parents. I am 18, and this girl is obviously younger. Do you think she can cope the situation? What do you think? Can u live without your parents? Can u ? Can u?
Of course, by any means. We will (inshallah) . Kena tabah & redha, and live the life. 
tapi, its too hard...............for a girl, at this age. 
Semoga Allah, merahmati ahli keluarganya & memberi ketabahan pada anak muda ini. C'mon, takkan nak doa depan laptop or phone kan? Solat nanti, doa betul2 okay?
by Ed Oked
Salam 'Alaikum. Tell u what, I am totally lying If I say I am not sedih, keciwa the scholarship was not on my side. I takpat tapi Dinie dapat (congratulate her now) hahaha. Maybe bcs I applied for Medicine. And my friends in the group yang applied for Medicine semua tak dapat, MAYBE dia strict kan "Medicine" sebab dah ramai bakal bakal doctor, kut? Ntahlah. Tapi I strongly believe, Allah has better plans for me, sesungguhnya Dia mengetahui apa yang aku tidak ketahui. Husnudzon. 
One thing jer yang I sedih bila tak dapat scholarship, again My parents kena fund my studies. Again i'll owe my parents. Of course, even scholarship recipients, and everyone of us pun still owe our parents for the rest of our lives. Tapi, fees ke ipta is not a small amount

Maybe I am to forget dream to becoming a doctor. Gotta try something more fun and unexpected, should I? 
Tapi Inshallah, Allah will guide me to the jalan yang terbaik. 

bcs dunya is Fana…
if you feel sad right now look at this bunny eating a flower

Pabila hati mula gusar...

Pabila hati mula gusar

Assalammualaikum. Hi.
So i've done a lot of thinking lately. Thoughts like my future and what's in store for me. Whether or not i'll be sponsored to further my studies. Will my dreams of studying abroad come true? Insecurities and uncertainties certainly didn't help me find peace. Waiting for results and news only intensifies my anxieties.
What with seeing my peers being 5 steps ahead of me, some with offers and whatnot. While i, hadn't even gotten so much as anything. Nothing.
As i the likelihood of not receiving any kind of offers comes crashing down on me, i felt panic building inside me. Tertiary education is expensive, how ever would my parents find the resources to fund me? Macam mana kalau kena masuk matriks? Not that i'm against it or anything but never once had i considered it.
Though i strongly deny it but deep down i was getting a little envious with what my friends are achieving. It was subtle but the twinge of jealousy was ex…

Saham Akhirat

Assalamualaikum it just suddenly popped out in my mind yang kenapa tak gunakan kemudahan Internet ni for my saham Akhirat. I just- recently deactivated my twitter account for the sake of me, myself yang duk doplohpatjam layan Twitter sampai kengkadang, Zuhur in the last hour. So not very the good one aha. Tapi, not even 12 hrs after deactivating, den dah rasa bosan gila. I just don't know what to do. Novel semua dah habis baca. 
Then, bila sekodeng sekodeng rak buku, mata cepat je tangkap kat satu buku. Tajuk dia
Cara Hidup Nabi Muhammad / The Way Muhammad SAW spent his life. (by Muhammad Abdul Aziz Al Khuly)
Then, came into my thoughts. To make twitter as a medium. Share benda benda baik yang sahih (inshallah) & this blog ni. Tengok lah camner, ade tak orang nak baca ke takder, that comes to another part. Sebab Allah utamakan niat, outcomes tu lain citer.
satu kisah tentanng Ummu Qais
Malah dalam Hadith daripada `Umar r.a. yang berkaitan dengan hijrah, persoalan niat turut ditega…
Kena faham fungsi kewujudan 2 telinga ; Supaya kita mendengar dan mengadili dari kedua dua belah pihak. Bukan semedang je beratkan sebelah pihak kerana sebelah telinga dipekak kan. 
atau memang betul pekak.
Kena faham fungsi kewujudan 2 mata ; Supaya tak selalu menilai dari lahiriah. Supaya kita sentiasa melihat orang kepada dua setiap orang yang baik mesti ada dark side. Dan setiap orang yang muka keji tahap grunge punk ska, black metak ke heavy metal ke bla bla mesti ada part of him yang boleh kira Chalo betey, terbaik. (baik laa) 
Kena faham fungsi kewujudan.
Semoga saya dan anda akan terus menjadi anak yang soleh/ solehah. ((I don't know aa tadi after my prayer a bad thought bam hit me.))
"What if one day I'll become an ungrateful child? Abandon my parents. Hurt their feelings. Throw them some bucks and tell them to get off from my life?????"
What if--
Na'uzubillahimin zaalik.

"Dan Kami wajibkan manusia berbuat baik kepada kedua ibu bapanya; ibunya telah mengandungnya dengan menanggung kelemahan demi kelemahan (dari awal mengandung hingga akhir menyusunya) dan tempoh menceraikan susunya ialah dalam masa dua tahun; (dengan yang demikian) bersyukurlah kepadaKu dan kepada kedua ibubapamu; dan (ingatlah), kepada Akulah jua tempat kembali (untuk menerima balasan)."

Surah Luqman Ayat 014.
This is so me. Not the broken heart part, but the part yang nak convince the other person to agree dengan our opinion. If only I could make the whole world agree with me about anything but, unfortunately never. 

Pride & Prejudice

I'm addicted to you 

Conclusion: I am in love.


Funny Family 

Testimonial to my hot-tempered attitude by mama.
me : mama, 25/3 ni adik ada interview kena pergi kys for jpa-mara
Mama: Okay...
(suddenly papa interrupted) 
Papa : Pi mana????
me: ishh, kys!!!  (mama and kak ya i dah ketawa) 
mama : jap eh kak (kak ya). mama try tanya dia lagi. Dia ni kalau orang tanya kali ke 2 naik hangin ( she is talking about me)
mama  : kat mana dik?? berapa hari bulan????
Recently, our kittens -- i ada cerita sikit haritu pasal anak kucing kitorang. Sorang yang comel , C dah mati, tinggal lagi sekor je, M . And their mother pregnant lagi. So bitch hahahah. Kucing M minggu lepas hilang tau. We thought dia pun dah mampoz. & THEN two days ago.. mama nak solat, then tersembul kepala kucing keluar dari bawah alma…
Thumb and pinkie.

What we often see in girls? "Lawa" , "cantik ", "eeee comelnyerw awak ni". That is so often, as a first impression. Tapi kalau kita nampak laki pun sama juga as the first impression- being Handsome, macho, semat lah awuck ni 

This brings me here to talk about these connotations about being skinny and fat. Skinny people always being complimented as lawa and plus-sized people, often not. Sebab, skinny people can wear a lot of baju lawa lawa. Senang cari size. Model- most of the models, Victoria's Secret Angels, Balmain Paris, Dior ke model semua minus sized. 
so our mindset pun, orang kurus kebanyakkannya lawa. this is double damn not true.
                                              These words are just adjectives
Some of girls always sacrifice their meals to get a flat tummy ........ tak akan punya kalau setakat tahan lapar. [flat tummy takkan terjadi even u skipped 10 meals] Hanya dengan workout then, whatever u telan, perut still stea…