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I promise everyone, this post is going to be the funniest thing you'll ever had (from me)

It has been a week since I become a working lady (Alhamdulillah), mencari nafkah for anak2 noksssss. no. Okay, lets get straight to the story.

On the fourth day of working, I've been told that our baker assistant (Bijaya) had to leave Malaysia because of visas issue and our baker, (B--APETAH ok, lets name him, bismak) Bismak ni had to move to another franchise in Senawang. So, basically we'll get replacement persons for their positions. comes the new baker- Naren and asst Baker -Man Bahadur Chemjong , fuh! Man Bahadur has been staying in Malaysia for more than 7 years. 9 years- If I'm not mistaken. Therefore, he knows our slangs, cakap ajuk and the tradition in Malaysia. In simpler words, he is 6/10 Malay.

on the other hand, Naren has been staying in Malaysia for only 2 years- therefore, I am always in trouble speaking to him cuz he is still not fluent berbahasa Mala…