Signing in to Quora to search about mum (mother's day esok woi) And most of them were not about mothers (something I upset of), But I stumble upon a Question; How would you express love? 

The definition to action speaks louder than words. Proclaiming to the whole world you love somebody, is just never enough. Proof it.

 //Bonus adds on to da topic of əˈfekSH(ə)n 

Q; The best/ worst answer to I love You


2. Y: I love you
X: Aww. You remind me of my late grandmother. She used to say the same


3. X: I LOVE YOU!!!
Y: Well.......................who doesn't?

ps: spread the love. 

pps: Sayang Allah & Rasulullah seharusnya didahulukan.

happy mother;s day (although this post is not so daughter-aprreciation post towards ma madre)

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