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Living life as Baby.

It is always reasonable to call a 2 hours-just-out-of-the-womb-infant, a baby. However, to call a 20 year olds a baby, its contextual. (and embarassing for the title holder) 

I've been living my 20 years (or maybe 16 yrs soz I don't remember me living in the first four years) as a baby.

My parents (and eventually when your parents call you by certain names, people around you would be calling you the same) called me Baby because they thought I would be the last honey bunny sugar plum the apple of their eyes but 4 years later, another one came out. My little sister.

However, the name - Baby sticked with me for so long until my little sis came - 4 effin years- and people were getting used to it, and hence, it sticks forever. How I wish, it didn't happened. 

Masa kat sekolah rendah, here came all the misery-ness. We always thought that we were so big enough that we were proud that we stopped drinking milk from our fancy milk bottles at 8 years old. We thought we were so big we …

Luahan Hati

“Angah balik 4.30 harini.” The girl kissed her mother’s lips, got onto her motorcycle, waved goodbye and sped off to school. The house was lively that morning, it usually always is. Their neighbours would often glance out the window, wondering what’s the ruckus happening outside. That day, her family saw her off like any other day, shouting ‘I love you’ to each other, oblivious to the fact that their lives were about to change forever.
Little did they know that the girl was never coming back home again.
Mysterious thing, time. It’s as if it has wings, flying by so fast without you even noticing it. One day you’re a seven-year-old scrawny looking kid, just starting school, wishing you’d grow up fast. And then quietly, ten years pass by and you’re suddenly seventeen. You’d think you’d be seventeen for quite a while but then in a blink of an eye, you’re somehow twenty! The age keeps on increasing - it’s overwhelming, thinking about it.
But the girl, she only lived until she was seventeen…


Wait a second let me catch my breath, remind me how it feels to hear your voice Once, I was asked by a friend.... have you ever thought of rekindling lost relationships? (Aka frienships)
This isn’t the first time I wrote about that friend. Just to show how important he was to me.

Losing a friend, is like to lose a part of you..... hilang yang tak tahu kemana, hilang yang tak tahu siapa yang ambil/curi. Maybe, our own egos. Ego yang tak mahu meminta maaf, atau ego yang tak hendak  memaafkan.
Tertulisnya ini, bukan sebab nak mengharapkan yang seorang tu datang balik, memperkenalkan kembali diri sebagai seorang kawan. Bukan. Cuma pelik, kenapa menangkan ego?
Few months ago, that old friend of mine suggested/asked if I would go to a place (i dont want to mention) with him... to meet. I was super excited, cuz It has been a while since ive seen him. For a friend, there woule be hardly a No. I agreed. Although, although I acknowledge the cost of me to get there- which could feed me fo…

Life Update : 2017

Hugeeee hug and kisses to all! Guys, how long has it been since the last time? Haha takder la lama mana pun :p

I (actually) hardly find any free time for me to update my blog cuz aaaaaaaaall the time that god has given me is actually for Himself and my studies. Sekarang tengan cardiovascular system...... class 8-5 almost everyday, so kena pandai cari waktu to revise ( my test is on Friday what am I doing right now... gosh)

Ok, study-wise. Two weeks ago, we've gotten our very first semester result. Only god knows betapa kami menjadi hamba paling tawaddu' dalam berdoa agar kami lulus (haha lepas solat, setan balik). Alhamdulillah, most of us lulus but hanya dua tiga ketui ja tak lulus but that doesnt mean, thats it. No. Theres still chances to make improvements over past mistakes, kan? I hope my friends yang couldn't pass the first semester would be better this time! We are not quitters! May Allah help us, ameen.

The environment of where I'm living now, is quite unhealth…

Antara yang 5

Agama, Bangsa, Negara, Keluarga, Diri Sendiri. 
At the end of the day, you have to choose one among the 5 choices you have. Your sweat and tears, your sleepless nights, your struggles and hardwork..................... untuk siapa? Untuk siapa dari antara those 5 options.

3 weeks ago, we were made to go to Kem Biro Tatanegara. Yes, we weren't very willingly to go. (thus, "made to"). Basically, this kem adalah untuk pupuk your semangat cinta akan negara, jati diri, to be someone yang berdisiplin, so on and so forth. However, as day passed by, every activity getting more political. That's the part where they err

Ada satu aktiviti, yang kami dipecahkan mengikut kumpulan kecil2, and were placed in a very small room for discussion, dan ini adalah aktiviti yang dijalankan. The 5 things tu.

"Antara pilihan yang kamu ada dihadapan kamu, pilih satu je yang betul2 penting dalam hidup kamu"  said the Faci.
"can we choose more?"

cloud nine

I'm forever amazed by how a person would make you a thousand different ways- confused, happy, sad etc at the same time, makes you feel the entire world isn't what you need, makes you feel like flying but your feet still on the ground. The only thing you need is that person. The same person that makes you smile without having him physically before your eyes, because picturing him in mind is more than enough.
It annoys me how everything that i do reminds me of him. It annoys me when I get caught smiling to myself, when I remember funny things that we ever talked about. It annoys me when he is no longer here to do great things together. It annoys me when he sometimes doesn't reply to my text. It annoys me when I cry because I've missed him a lot. But it annoys me in such a good way. 
            I still remember tho, back in asasi days. I knew his timetable so did he. Everyday, i would create a chance for myself to ‘terserempak’, ‘terjumpa’ this guy. I didn’t do this alone…