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Sampai bila kan asyik nak cakap "rindu ni......" rindu tu....." Reminisce every moments we enjoyed during the school years en..... Lagi-lagi form5, masatu lah our bonding dengan kawan kawan lagi kuat bcs we were struggling together against all the obstacles sebab nak spm en.
Tapi bila dah 6 bulan habis sekolah, 6 bulan.............. does the topic of rindu ini rindu itu still to be something relevant to talk about? I realized this, bila aku membebel sensorang kat group Whatsapp and I didn't even got any replies until the tomorrow day, somebody came up with different topics to talk about. Well...... i see, i understand now.
Until when you have to stick with the kenangan terindah masa form5 kan? Haha, now u see............... nobody cares about you. You ended up staying alone kat rumah and membebel di group Whatsapp tho nobody gaf bout u kah! Everybody has their own lives and they seems okay without you anymore haha (WELL THIS PARAGRAPH IM TALKING TO MYSELF, DONT BOTHER…
Now I know how it feels to fail;
to own what I've ever dreamed of.

When later i look up in the sky
Counting stars, then
To see you fly

I hope you would 
peek through the window
To see me watching you,
i doubt you would.

because you are over the clouds, with rainbow and stars.
Menuju Falah

Tatkala kita bicara tentang kebahagiaan, rata-rata akan berkata, saya hanya akan bahagia kalau...

Persoalannya, kenapa kebahagiaan yang kita inginkan perlu bersyarat? Personally I myself have this habit. I thought i would have to achieve or own something in order to be happy. You guys feel me, kan?

So, saya, Miss Nugget Fingers harini nak cuba menjadi agen perubahan insan (poyo je) and help you find the happiness that you've been seeking. *cheeky smile*

Kita sebenarnya should be happy despite the condition of our surroundings, because ladies and gentlemen, kita ada Islam, Iman, Ikhsan dan berasa yang Allah sentiasa ada dengan kita. And we should be happy untuk segala nikmat yang Allah berikan tak kira korang ni muslim, mukmin or even kafir! Subhanallah. Jadi, senang cerita orang yang tak bahagia ni sebenarnya tidak bersyukur dengan nikmat Allah.

"Aku bersyukur je, tapi..." HA! Tu kawan-kawan sebenarnya menunjukkan yang kita ni tak cukup ikhlas dan bersyukur. …

Signing in to Quora to search about mum (mother's day esok woi) And most of them were not about mothers (something I upset of), But I stumble upon a Question; How would you express love? 

The definition to action speaks louder than words. Proclaiming to the whole world you love somebody, is just never enough. Proof it.
//Bonus adds on to da topic of əˈfekSH(ə)n 
Q; The best/ worst answer to I love You
2. Y: I love you X: Aww. You remind me of my late grandmother. She used to say the same
3. X: I LOVE YOU!!! Y: Well.......................who doesn't?

ps: spread the love. 
pps: Sayang Allah & Rasulullah seharusnya didahulukan.
happy mother;s day (although this post is not so daughter-aprreciation post towards ma madre)
I can't imagine surviving the life without my parents. I am 18, and this girl is obviously younger. Do you think she can cope the situation? What do you think? Can u live without your parents? Can u ? Can u?
Of course, by any means. We will (inshallah) . Kena tabah & redha, and live the life. 
tapi, its too hard...............for a girl, at this age. 
Semoga Allah, merahmati ahli keluarganya & memberi ketabahan pada anak muda ini. C'mon, takkan nak doa depan laptop or phone kan? Solat nanti, doa betul2 okay?