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Kadang Kadang diorang tak perasan.

Kadang-kadang diorang tak perasan.
“Gee, aku bagi harapan sangat ke kat orang?” Tanya Abdol kepada Gee.
“Eh… tak lah. Diorang tu yang over. Bila kau reply comment ig sikit, diorang dah rasa kau bagi  harapan…” Abdol lega mendengar jawapan Gee.
“Ni yang buat aku sayang kat kau ni Gee” Gee tersenyum.
Gee seorang perempuan.


Di Instagram.
*Abdol uploaded his photo* It is undeniable, Abdol has the face of Adonis. Adored by many; he has the aura, charismatic. Name anything’s good. It’s him.
Lauracayunkkamoo commented : Abdol, I melt tgk gambar you…. Abdolhensem123 replied            : I pulak, bergegar tulang rusuk, tulang punggung,                                                                                     tulang belakang   tengok u. <3 *winkwink*
“Eh… tak lah. Diorang tu yang over. Bila kau reply comment ig sikit, diorang dah rasa kau bagi harapan…”
Gee membaca, hatinya rasa lain....
Gee seorang perempuan.

Remaining Grateful to Allah

Salam 'Alaik readers.

People in generally will turn into Allah to thank him for his blessings and whatnots bila kita dapat sesuatu nikmat. It's kinda a ritual. Bila, sesuatu yang baik datang we thank Him but we forget (intentionally) when something bad comes through our ways.

However, the doctrine that everyone (including me) practices after all this while, sometimes kita hanya bersyukur tentang sesuatu yang baik je.........

The question is, do we have to wait for a particular occasion that brings happiness and good things - to thank Allah? Expressing thanks to Allah, is described as being  grateful to Allah unconditionally, and in every waking moment of one’s life, regardless of the circumstances being positive or negative.

For everything that happens, let's take the lesson from the good side only. Be optimist.

Kita ambil contoh, bila kita dapat result yang kurang bagus. Reflect upon ourselves. Selain efforts, there are some other factors that shall be taken into account. Mung…
Trust. Many relate it to so many metaphors

Trust is like a rubber, it gets smaller and smaller (after every mistake).

I do not trust everybody. Even sometimes, I doubt my parents. Because we are all human beings, each one of us has possibilities to break promises, to lie, to tell our secrets to other person(s),etc- anything else that can make one to be not trusted anymore. 

It happens, always. In school we’ve done this before.

“You’re the only person that I tell this story to. Don’t tell anyone else, it’s between us.” Alas! The whole class knows. 

Trust is like a mirror, you can fix it if it's broken, but you can still see the crack in that mother fucker's reflection.

We doubt everyone, don’t we? 

That’s why we set up passwords on our phones, laptops and such. Worse, some of us even install an app which we can set up passwords for each application in our phones! Ridiculous!

You hate it so much when your own sibling(s) go into your room during your absence. You afraid he/she/they will …