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I'm forever amazed by how a person would make you a thousand different ways- confused, happy, sad etc at the same time, makes you feel the entire world isn't what you need, makes you feel like flying but your feet still on the ground. The only thing you need is that person. The same person that makes you smile without having him physically before your eyes, because picturing him in mind is more than enough.

                It annoys me how everything that i do reminds me of him. It annoys me when I get caught smiling to myself, when I remember funny things that we ever talked about. It annoys me when he is no longer here to do great things together. It annoys me when he sometimes doesn't reply to my text. It annoys me when I cry because I've missed him a lot. But it annoys me in such a good way. 

            I still remember tho, back in asasi days. I knew his timetable so did he. Everyday, i would create a chance for myself to ‘terserempak’, ‘terjumpa’ this guy. I didn’t do this alone. My friends were supportive to follow my plans. & sometimes, we took the longest road just to create this sort of  “creating-the-coincidence”. Well, for the person that we love, why not?

            The days that we happened to meet at the middle of the street or at the cafe or class, weren’t coincidence. There’ll never once a coincidence hahaha. Maybe yes, but most of it- no.  God and I were the best team- He helped me making this kind of meeting as if it was by chance. Psychotic as I may sound but darling, for the person that we love.. why not?

            May this memory stays for eternity

                        Today is his birthday. I pray For him gonna be a successful person as anyone else wants to be and may Allah showers him with blessings and happiness. May you have the happiest birthday as a Twenty year-old.

            And if you're reading, you know who you are. I’ve missed you a lot, and it makes me happy to ‘see’ you’re doing well in your studies.

            The one, who never stops missing you till the hell freezes,

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