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Living life as Baby.

It is always reasonable to call a 2 hours-just-out-of-the-womb-infant, a baby. However, to call a 20 year olds a baby, its contextual. (and embarassing for the title holder) 

I've been living my 20 years (or maybe 16 yrs soz I don't remember me living in the first four years) as a baby.

My parents (and eventually when your parents call you by certain names, people around you would be calling you the same) called me Baby because they thought I would be the last honey bunny sugar plum the apple of their eyes but 4 years later, another one came out. My little sister.

However, the name - Baby sticked with me for so long until my little sis came - 4 effin years- and people were getting used to it, and hence, it sticks forever. How I wish, it didn't happened. 

Masa kat sekolah rendah, here came all the misery-ness. We always thought that we were so big enough that we were proud that we stopped drinking milk from our fancy milk bottles at 8 years old. We thought we were so big we …