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Life Update : 2017

Hugeeee hug and kisses to all! Guys, how long has it been since the last time? Haha takder la lama mana pun :p

I (actually) hardly find any free time for me to update my blog cuz aaaaaaaaall the time that god has given me is actually for Himself and my studies. Sekarang tengan cardiovascular system...... class 8-5 almost everyday, so kena pandai cari waktu to revise ( my test is on Friday what am I doing right now... gosh)

Ok, study-wise. Two weeks ago, we've gotten our very first semester result. Only god knows betapa kami menjadi hamba paling tawaddu' dalam berdoa agar kami lulus (haha lepas solat, setan balik). Alhamdulillah, most of us lulus but hanya dua tiga ketui ja tak lulus but that doesnt mean, thats it. No. Theres still chances to make improvements over past mistakes, kan? I hope my friends yang couldn't pass the first semester would be better this time! We are not quitters! May Allah help us, ameen.

The environment of where I'm living now, is quite unhealth…