I promise everyone, this post is going to be the funniest thing you'll ever had (from me)

It has been a week since I become a working lady (Alhamdulillah), mencari nafkah for anak2 noksssss. no. Okay, lets get straight to the story.

On the fourth day of working, I've been told that our baker assistant (Bijaya) had to leave Malaysia because of visas issue and our baker, (B--APETAH ok, lets name him, bismak) Bismak ni had to move to another franchise in Senawang. So, basically we'll get replacement persons for their positions. comes the new baker- Naren and asst Baker -Man Bahadur Chemjong , fuh! Man Bahadur has been staying in Malaysia for more than 7 years. 9 years- If I'm not mistaken. Therefore, he knows our slangs, cakap ajuk and the tradition in Malaysia. In simpler words, he is 6/10 Malay.

on the other hand, Naren has been staying in Malaysia for only 2 years- therefore, I am always in trouble speaking to him cuz he is still not fluent berbahasa Malaysia.

There was one day, our bakery had fewer customers than we usually have that I kept feeling bored to waiting for people to come in and to buy anything from us. So, I decided to go into the kitchen and broke the ice with the new workers. (WELL, I'M NEW THERE BUT THEY ARE NEWER). While I broke the ice with Naren, I helped him to style the dough according to the roti he was making, as he did - dia lenyek dough, I lenyek dough - like that so somehow, we got to know each other from making roti.

From that day onwards, I would always sneak into the kitchen to learn another style of roti. We would talk about anything so random while my hands busy mehenyak henyak dough. There we go.........

"You ada boyfriend tak?" Naren asked, AS EXPECTED.

"No. Haram tau tak ada boyfriend ni, Dosa. You know what haram?"

"Apa?" Of couse he doesnt know. 


He smiled. Maybe he was speechless.
What the hell did I just told haram thing to a Hindu, like he cares?

"My god, Allah forbid. Cannot do that, If you love someone, get married!" Inshallah Naren faham.

"Ok la, macam tu kita kawen la" Said Naren, very easily. I was not expecting him to ever say something like that. wait........... Did he proposed me? DID SOMEONE JUST ASK ME TO GET MARRIED? A NEPAL???????????? 

Everyone in the kitchen laughed. Except me. I was so freak out, because he sounded so serious.

"Tak boleh Naren, you kena sunat!" I added. Naren couldn't understand what is Sunat, then he asked Man Bahadur in their language cuz ya, aforementioned, Man is 6/10 a Malay. Man Bahadur lied him that he has to cut all of "his part" to get married to a Moslem. But, Man bahadur hadn't yet tell him the truth

"Aiyoh.... saya tak kisah. Sakit ke tak sakit ke, boleh kawen kan?" Naren said. "300 kan, nak buang itu? saya boleh... saya boleh..." He agreed to do so. (To cut all of his part, as what si Man gila tu told him)

We all laughed. Did he really think all moslem men has no peny$? Hhahahaahahahhaha lol gila.

"No la naren, its only a part of your guys' thing. Kulit depan tu!" I told him the truth. He laughed because that would be no sweat. Yela, kalau buang semua pon sanggup, apetah buang kulit sikit? Lagi la no hal!

I insisted, I don't want t
o get married yet because I'm only 19. I want to study and get a job but he has all the men typical answers in his head. Maybe from love films he watched?

"Tak apa... I sanggup tunggu you."

When I told him, I would go to Jusco during my off day to hunt for a boyfriend

"Kenapa pergi Jusco cari bf, kat Tesco ni kan dah ada sorang" (He is referring to himself)

After my off day.

"Saya tarak semangat... you tak ada.. Dah lah rokok saya suda habis, you pulak off day. Susah hati saya"


Hahaha, I am not looking down on Nepals, I didn't even say they do not deserve to get married to Malays. They do................ but........i donwan. Haha

"You kena embrace Islam if you want to marry me" I said to Naren with Man Bahadur eavesdropping.

"Yala, lepas kawen belajar la sikit2, pelan2" Naren replied.

"No, you must love my god first, then you can love me"

"Kenapa?" Man bahadur asked, mencelah. 

"Yela, If he embraces Islam because he loves me........ but then, If we couldn't make it till the end. say, cerai.... Then, he is more likely to convert back to the Hinduism.

To leave me, if I were to be your wife is not sinful. But to leave my agama, is sinful. Very very sinful" And the silent killed us. (I felt so wrong, am I being too harsh?) Inshallah tak.

All of this things, make my work become bearable albeit of 9 hours working........

Everyone is so nice there, helpful and kind and fun! (EXCEPT FOR THE PART SI NERAN ASYIK AJAK KAWEN)


"You kena confirmkan, you nak kawen ke tak dengan Naren.... Kalau dah confirm, baru Naren pergi potong.. sebab dia taknak" barang "dia rosak kalau you hanya main2" Kata Man Bahadur yang ingat aku nak kawen sangat dengan Naren tu.

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