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Holiday is about to end and thats what I'm excited for. it is so sick to have long holidays and doing nothing (yes I did, my tons of endless homework). Since yesterday, I quit myself from doing homework and stuff related to studying. Maka, karena sudah tiada apa mau dilakuin, I went through my stuff in my laci. There are lots of thing in the laci, the things with memories. So basically, it was reminiscing-memories-kind-of-night. 

And I am very excited- truly truly eager to share with you guys whats inside.

It's a diary sort of. aka my first love diary. I got this book of truth (about my feelings) of my first love. I had this when I was 16, I was in SEMESRA. I laughed to everything that I wrote inside. Let's take a look.

This was the phase where everything is of rose and diamonds and stars and sunny and sweet and smiling anytime and anywhere *YUCKS*

I named myself as Katniss bcs Hunger Games was first released when i was form 4. Acah i shot his heart and *drum …
(does simply saying salam, makes me less muslim? ok ok of course no)
All praise is to Allah, its already two months since 2016 has begun (This how people tryna make their lives complicated as they can say, ITS FEBRUARY 2016 and all the creatures will know, its the second month of the year) 
Well I can say everything that happened went so quickly like, you could miss your pace if you blink so much or you fall asleep.So when you keep your eyes open all the time, you'll see lotsa things that happen around you and learn at least something from it. So since there are another two courses (tesl & law) therefore the place is getting merrier with non-scientific students. They're loud, stress-free, smile a lot, fun and kind!

Unlike science students ( as well as engine..maybe?) We run across the block  to ensure we are not late to the next class, Passing batons to those who run faster


As we all know, nobody smil…