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When They Challenged Allah

Assalamualaikum :)

am currently in a condition where i couldnt accept the fact that the days before school are open barely by fingers.............. :( (Tahan nangis) - nanti rindu mama papa toilet dapur tv katil empuk bantak kepam) 

haha :D. next year im going to be 7teen. a senior. okay but thats not the main point of everything i wanna write today.............................. dadaddididaldududaudl

okay, as i was "hacking" the internet by means, menggeledah internet. (bukan nak tengok 18xx ke porn ke) Bhahahahaha. i terlihat something that is very good indeed. By sheikh Hassan Ali- When They Challenged Allah. Okay actually it comes in the form of 22 minutes of video but wut i write ni berdasarkan kefahaman means, summary la. (sort of) hihi.

The name of Jabbar,
If Allah is addressing someone with "Jabbar" its actually a negative sign. It is because, Allah Himself is a Al Jabbar- Powerful then its a right one. But if the servants, (son of Adam) tries to be or to imitate…

there always be a reason to live


Hell-o semua. Hihi harini (malam ni) rasa tetiba ada mood blogging turn on. Takde lah. Yesturdayy suddenly came to my senses about what ive been doing for the past 16 years old and the present deed . (masatuh tengah online la) what ive been wasting the whole life for, all the sins ive committed. bila fikir, teruuuukknya aku ni. Aku lebih pentingkan twitter (mostly) dari solat. Bila azan berkumandang, 30 minutes later baru aku pergi solat. dalam masa 30 minit tu, aku tengah sibuk scrolling twitter. macam uhm seems like aku procrastinate kan solat tu and utamakan benda benda lagha kat twitter tu. SERIOUSLY TWITTER DOESNT HELP U DALAM KUBUR well sometimes if u tweet dakwah boleh lah terima. tapi kalau tweet f*ck off, b*tch, b*d* mana nak tolong?????

&sometimes, i feel like


(astaghfirullah, tu semua setannn) so, i whatsapp-ed one of my best mate who i think more religious pious apa semua lah. &he said yang semua tu syaitan. and one lesson…