Living life as Baby.

It is always reasonable to call a 2 hours-just-out-of-the-womb-infant, a baby. However, to call a 20 year olds a baby, its contextual. (and embarassing for the title holder) 

I've been living my 20 years (or maybe 16 yrs soz I don't remember me living in the first four years) as a baby.

My parents (and eventually when your parents call you by certain names, people around you would be calling you the same) called me Baby because they thought I would be the last honey bunny sugar plum the apple of their eyes but 4 years later, another one came out. My little sister.

However, the name - Baby sticked with me for so long until my little sis came - 4 effin years- and people were getting used to it, and hence, it sticks forever. How I wish, it didn't happened. 

Masa kat sekolah rendah, here came all the misery-ness. We always thought that we were so big enough that we were proud that we stopped drinking milk from our fancy milk bottles at 8 years old. We thought we were so big we can do maths already and get 100% on every tests. We thought we were so big, when we can ride the bus to go home. But I always thought that I WILL NEVER BE BIG ENOUGH WITH THIS BABY TITLE.

HOW CAN A BABY BE BIG?  imposshitble.

I hated the name. The pain in the arse nickname. 

I selalu remind my parents masa parents-teachers conference,



Ok my mum ada sorang kawan. They were close, and apparently that friend of her, is a teacher. An English teacher, named Mr Hakim. So, as Mr Hakim is very close to our family, He knew each one of us. Including me, the Baby. One day, I was really shocked to see Mr Hakim at my tution class. Gelabah and speechakshdnoeueless, I tried to elak him by avoiding making an eye contact at all costs. 

"Baby" He called me.

"Shit" (LOL kidding, I was 9 y/o I didnt know what is Shit, and I havent learned any cursing words, maybe I was just istighfar) 

and my friends........ "baby??"

"Oh yeah, he apparently happens to be my mom's friend and he loves to flirt around by calling anyone he knows, baby"




(I hoped my friends didn't spread that around tho- the flirt part. Bodoh ed)


Moving on into my secondary school. I cared less, because I studied in boarding school for the rest of my secondary school part and nothing much happened. 

I mula jadi open minded sikit bila dah habis sekolah, like........... its not weird, to being called a Baby in your family. Its not just me, I belive. There must be at least one in your family, who's like me. Gotta deal with it honey! (baby*)

I started to tell people (whom I'm close to) stories about my family. And that people asked each other what do our families call us, and i gathered all of my guts just to spit the "baby"  word out, and when i did........ NOTHING HAPPENED

They were like......oh....


thanks, god.

Some of my friends cannot help themselves from being skeptical, when I tell them oh My fam calls me baby, some be like........ "manja..................." What the catfish.

So u cannot be manja, if you're not a Baby?
So u're a Baby you are obliged to be manja? Which section of the federal constitution isit?

Haha these are just a tiny bit of what living as a 20 yr olds baby looks/sounds like. It is partly terrifying and partly normal. But above all, it is not cool.

ps: I'll keep you updated when my future husband knows I'm a Baby.

pps: I'll keep you updated when I have my own baby and people still be calling me Baby what the fuck who couldve imagined that happening?

lots of love, baby. 

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