Wait a second let me catch my breath, remind me how it feels to hear your voice
Once, I was asked by a friend.... have you ever thought of rekindling lost relationships? (Aka frienships)
This isn’t the first time I wrote about that friend. Just to show how important he was to me.


Losing a friend, is like to lose a part of you..... hilang yang tak tahu kemana, hilang yang tak tahu siapa yang ambil/curi. Maybe, our own egos. Ego yang tak mahu meminta maaf, atau ego yang tak hendak  memaafkan.

Tertulisnya ini, bukan sebab nak mengharapkan yang seorang tu datang balik, memperkenalkan kembali diri sebagai seorang kawan. Bukan. Cuma pelik, kenapa menangkan ego?

Few months ago, that old friend of mine suggested/asked if I would go to a place (i dont want to mention) with him... to meet. I was super excited, cuz It has been a while since ive seen him. For a friend, there woule be hardly a No. I agreed. Although, although I acknowledge the cost of me to get there- which could feed me for one whole week. But for this old friend of mine, I pat my back,

"Its okay, its going to be worth it. Demi seorang kawan"

And I was glad that youre concerned about the cost of me getting there, but I lied,

"Oh i got students' price, no worries"

Only fools believe. And so were you.

The day was beautiful, to watch the sun sets (before, it was raining). To see the planes flew into the dusk skies, it was so beautiful. But the beauty, lasts only for a second. I believe, the planes took them away.Tell me, where do I throw these memories away? The sea? What if This old friend comes back, would it be worth the dive thousands feet down to collect everything and put them together again? Our memories will be my lullaby.

Tertulisnya ini, bukan untuk mengharapkan apa apa.

And only fools believe, are you?

This post has been in my draft for months. 

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