My gems.

Little did I know that my life would turn out this bad?good? hahaha i didn't sign up for this kind of life. God, help me to get through please?

                I'm fine. Totallly fine. I'm enjoying every second of my degree life. Well, If you think it's hard, it'll be hard. and don't ever think It's easy and take it easy pulakk. Hahahaha :D. A week ago was our (first year medical students of UiTM) VERY VERY first progress test and we already have the idea of the torture we gonna get for pro exam. What makes it hard are; Negative marking & BEST ANSWER QUESTIONS (which, basically all the options stated are right but you have to choose the very best out of that many. Damn). headache.

                Seniors said, its normal to fail the test no matter how prepared you are to sit for the exam. But who would want to fail? Nobody. This is a matter of life and death hahahaha. Ya, i'm serious. Progress Test contributes to 30% of the total of whatever in order to masuk year 3 (clinical year).
                Inshallah, tak fail kalau usaha betul betul, kan?

                Life here is more bearable with lots of good friends. I have no idea what will happen to me if these good persons don't exist. My housemates are super fun people to chill with and gladly, we get along very quickly. The chemistry. I make friends with some of the guys too. As usual, they're cool as they are as lorde sings,

                now bring the boys in, their skin are craters like the moon. The moon we love like a brother while he glows thru the room.

                I always been admiring this line cuz it is beyond the truest. ykwut i mean.......the boys...and the kelakarness.........

here are a few photos for you to see. 
Zahirah/ zeyonce

housemates 6/10

zahirah, again. but now shes sleeping.

iMed program. 

These crazy people. God........ i love them.

THOR BAEK. (our group name was Thor)

These monkeys (fareez and aiman)

Ok ni............. 18sx sikit.

Well i could say, all these people in those photos are those that really make my life here quite fun. Make friends, everyone. You'll find lots of gems that you'll never thought to having them in your life (as your friends, basihcully). They're precious.


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