(does simply saying salam, makes me less muslim? ok ok of course no)


All praise is to Allah, its already two months since 2016 has begun (This how people tryna make their lives complicated as they can say, ITS FEBRUARY 2016 and all the creatures will know, its the second month of the year) 

Well I can say everything that happened went so quickly like, you could miss your pace if you blink so much or you fall asleep.So when you keep your eyes open all the time, you'll see lotsa things that happen around you and learn at least something from it. So since there are another two courses (tesl & law) therefore the place is getting merrier with non-scientific students. They're loud, stress-free, smile a lot, fun and kind!

Unlike science students ( as well as engine..maybe?) We run across the block  to ensure we are not late to the next class, Passing batons to those who run faster


As we all know, nobody smiles while they run. Not even Allison Felix, so we are more likely not smiling, robots-like but however, we are still pretty. or handsome or both. ok whats this..........................................

Life's a  race. 

(And more pathetically, we take the stairs.- yeah, even our class is at the 4th floor. Bcs they say, usaha tangga kejayaan?)

When the last class is dismissed, we took the stairs also, sometimes bcs we don;t wanna lose the battle of whos-the-fittest as, everytime we cross the road to go to anjung (TO EAT), seeing mostly the -non-scientific students jog enthusiastically like they got a competition to win. 

Sorry, jogging isn't in our class. We run. 

(if I  WERE to jog at all, I might be considering to do my maths tutorials while jogging.)

So, in the nutshellest of the nutshell, This semester got me tired almost every second of my life. Even breathing makes me tired. (no) 

Class ends at 6.30pm (almost everyday) and that makes me instantly become a very good friend to my bed. However, if you 'hang out' so much with this kind of best friend, it becomes your foe. Cakap bye bye ciked kat tutorials, lab reports and your notes yang dah siap2 tulis on whiteboard

"BIO-Nak baca malam ni!!!!"
"Physics- Buat nota RLC circuit yang gila"
"Basuh another pile of laundry"

No. You won't be able to get these things done when you started to flirt with your own best friend. huh????????????//

in this context, your bed. 

Next, I had my test like two/three weeks ago. And tell y'all what, i failed my chemistry. I knew it before my eyes that I would fail. I studied, get my tutorials done and all means everyones been doing before sitting for a test, i did already...

There were a lot to read. To memorize without full understanding is another big problem and thats what contributed to i-failed-my-chemistry. But thanks to the Almighty, at least He made me realize that I need to work even harder. CAN'T BLINK 1ms AT ALL. focus. Hahahahaha impossible 'aite. The surest thing or the most righteous way to deal with this is just to struggle hard, let Him do the rest. Semoga dia memberkati usaha, Amiin.

This is all what i got, till then! ciao.


ps, non-scientific students are the students who are taking law and tesl. (no, we dont call them non-scientific students. its just me who created the name. Only for this blog) 

pps, we here are referring to me and my friends. Don't be terrified by how appalling our lives are. There are science students who enjoy their lives, jog every evening, smiles a lot, kind and fun. Don't worry, we're not zombies. yet. 

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