Holiday is about to end and thats what I'm excited for. it is so sick to have long holidays and doing nothing (yes I did, my tons of endless homework). Since yesterday, I quit myself from doing homework and stuff related to studying. Maka, karena sudah tiada apa mau dilakuin, I went through my stuff in my laci. There are lots of thing in the laci, the things with memories. So basically, it was reminiscing-memories-kind-of-night. 

its always as messy as what u see. 

And I am very excited- truly truly eager to share with you guys whats inside.

My Katniss book
It's a diary sort of. aka my first love diary. I got this book of truth (about my feelings) of my first love. I had this when I was 16, I was in SEMESRA. I laughed to everything that I wrote inside. Let's take a look.

 This was the phase where everything is of rose and diamonds and stars and sunny and sweet and smiling anytime and anywhere *YUCKS*

I named myself as Katniss bcs Hunger Games was first released when i was form 4. Acah i shot his heart and *drum rolls* we finally got into a relationship. *but then hanchos*

u know, In life sometimes. (not sometimes, SELALUNYA). You( You ke I???ok, Kita.) Kita selalu Choose the wrong persons we want to be with.  ........... Hm To be honest, when I like someone...........i like him hard. As suka gila gila babi la, then the person knock me down with his unfaithfulness,some shit and etc etc etc etc ok i dont wanna talk more on this. It doesnt make me sad at all, i learnt a lesson from everything that happened. *cingggg, thumbs up!*

ok tapi its my on fault to suka orang sangat sangat then sendiri yang melalak. Pity u, ed.

Fangirling over Korean girl groups. GG

I found this is truly funny. I MADE A BOOK OF A PERSON I LIKE #2. Ni masa form 2 la, noob gila and i was truly mad about K-pop stuff yaknaw how can u resist when all of your friends layan korea. No, i don't wanna be left behind. Therefore, I joined them.

a preview, 
i was so sthoopid to spent my time on this shiz

Letters from pet sisters. (when i was in Mghs)

pet sisters. Another trend that is a must for everyone who stays in asrama. Plus, this pet sisters kind of thing is so popular esp, when you study in a non co-ed school, all girls school in my case. Konsep adik angkat/kakak angkat....... is like to love/care your pet sisters as much as you love your bf tho. (in my pov) 

Seriously! U don't have that kind of affection towards your biological brothers/sisters. bcs it happened to myself oso. I had both of them- adik&kakak angkat. We cared of each other so much unlike the way I care for my biological sisters

Kalau dengan adik/kakak angkat : "rindunya, lama tak jumpa!"

                          "rindu jugak!" 2209<3 1301 (this code is the combination of your birthday with your kakak/adik angkat)

dengan adik/kakak kandung :
"rindu aku tak?"

"pi mampos ah ko"

but somehow having them was what made me feel better to be in asrama.( i feel less homesickness when i had them, they're magical!) hahaha 

I miss kak epa........................... she was nice to me. I was not!

My form 4 class photo.
I was in 4 Al- Razi. The class of least popular in everything, we don't have naughty boys in our class. No. just normal class but we have Wazien. An abnormal guy. he's a genius.

So this is all I'd love to share, i hope u would stop laughing already. Lagi2 part diary katniss tu hahahhahaha. 

Till then guys.

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