Remaining Grateful to Allah

Salam 'Alaik readers.

People in generally will turn into Allah to thank him for his blessings and whatnots bila kita dapat sesuatu nikmat. It's kinda a ritual. Bila, sesuatu yang baik datang we thank Him but we forget (intentionally) when something bad comes through our ways.

However, the doctrine that everyone (including me) practices after all this while, sometimes kita hanya bersyukur tentang sesuatu yang baik je.........

The question is, do we have to wait for a particular occasion that brings happiness and good things - to thank Allah? Expressing thanks to Allah, is described as being  grateful to Allah unconditionally, and in every waking moment of one’s life, regardless of the circumstances being positive or negative.

For everything that happens, let's take the lesson from the good side only. Be optimist.

Kita ambil contoh, bila kita dapat result yang kurang bagus. Reflect upon ourselves. Selain efforts, there are some other factors that shall be taken into account. Mungkin result tak berapa bagus kerana kurangnya kebergantungan kepada Allah setelah berusaha. Mungkin. Jadi, Allah bagi kita result yang tak berapa ok agar kita kembali kepada dia. Minta pertolongan.

Allah loves the believers who ask from Him, and supplicate constantly. The Holy Prophet (s) has said that on the Day of Judgement, two men with very similar deeds will enter Heaven. One of them will see that the other is granted a rank above him. He will ask Allah: "My Lord! We have the same actions. Why have you preferred him over me"? Allah will reply, "He asked from Me, and you did not". credits :

Yet, AGAIN-- giving thanks means feeling grateful to God unconditionally, and in every waking moment of one’s life, regardless of the circumstances being positive or negative. It means considering everything from God as beautiful, knowing that there is a great wisdom behind everything created by God and surrendering to destiny fully and submitting to God completely and earnestly

Trusting and Surrendering to God is the natural choice for the Righteous

For believers who are aware of the infinite power, help and friendship of God, trusting and surrendering to God is the natural choice and is the easiest and most beautiful path to follow. Otherwise, one would try to carry a burden he wouldn't be able to bear.

A person who doesn't surrender will find that his worries, concerns and fears have no end; it is like he is under constant threat. He believes that any moment, someone, or something could harm him. He will live with a skeptical, restless soul and wallow in the darkness of his concerns because he cannot enjoy the comfort of leaning on  God.

 A believer, on the other hand, no matter how difficult things may seem, relies on and trusts  God, has God as his friend and therefore lives a content, happy and healthy life with peace of mind. There is absolutely nothing in this world that could upset or worry such a person. He lives knowing that he is always under the protection of God and has His infinite power supporting him all the time. He knows that, unless God wills it, no one could even do the slightest harm to him and he lives the comfort of surrendering to destiny in every moment of his life

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