I thought as we are getting older, we could fully understand our responsibilities as a manusia generally and a Muslim, specifically. 

I have One Big problem

“Dah solat?” I asked..

“Belum….. kita penat. Nak tidur dah ni.”What she replied to.

This one, I have no idea how to deal with this-clean. Betul tak, when you are close to somebody you takut gila nak advice your friend or tegur mana yang tak betul because yaaa as a fren u shud bekap la yo kawan.

This might be an advantage for myself when I don’t even close yet or belum kamceng giler with this person. I should’ve tegur DIA LIKE EVERYTIME SHES planning to skip solat! And all I ended up sighing alone to the futile reprimands. I  sekali dua pernah tegur like “Solat lah dulu, we are not even sure bila kita mati & kalau dalam tidur nanti mati cemana?” I don’t want to sound so harsh but I think that is still not considered as being harsh! I am being SO DAMN NICE.


“Nanti kalau aku tegur banyak kali, dia ingat aku bajet alim.”

“Kau pun ed bukannya lepas azan terus solat!”
“You’re not even pious babe”

This satans halt me from doing so. Im not blaming satan, I’m blaming myself for being such a asshole bengap pengecut nak tegur. It’s a right thing to do eeeniiiiweyyyyyyy but I am so pengecut 

“The more time you spent on your praying mat won’t turn you into a pious, but a Muslim”

Yes! So, you don’t even have to become a pious to give advice. But once you are a Muslim, giving advice- reminding one another among Muslims, is one of a must. Kalau tak, selemah lemah iman is to despise the deed- that will be enough tapi, cmon!!!! Our definite goal is to reach Al Falah- kejayaan dunia dan akhirat so it would be a lot of fun if we’re going together towards it, dontchhhhaaaa think so? The more the merrier isn’t it?

Tapi kenapa nak tinggalkan solat? Even worst- dengan sengaja? For what reason? It is sad to know that some Muslim still taking into account this solat thing really lightly. Do Allah, asks us to Solat because of saje-saje? Solat is the most fundamental thing (issit a thing?), and to prove how fundamental solat ;it is even one of the 5 Pillars of Islam.

You could list 1001 reasons of skipping your prayers (intentionally or ya…. Without slightest intention kot, exception for yang tertidur, terlajak, or whatever). Give a moment to ponder,

Minggu lepas Experiment Biology on Cells. As we learned about Organelles things and such the classes before. Just enough in the lecture hall when the lecturer explained about this and that organelle, their functions and whatnots, I realized that something so minuscule brings about large contributions towards melengkapi alam as a whole- to pendekkan cito. Enough with just one tiny cell, has awe me yang kita dah terlalu banyak nikmat diberikan, tapi untuk bersyukur sedikit sekali. 

Is it you who creates it, or are We the Creator? (56:59)
And have you seen that [seed] which you sow? Is it you who makes it grow, or are We the grower? (56: 63,64)

Nothing in this world comes free. Although you don’t have to pay for every breath you take in, or the prayers you going to buat, pay it through Solat. Its like a token of gratitude, tanda bersyukurnya kita kepada Allah yg kurniakan setiap cell, not to mention lain because An-Nahl verse 18 juz 14; and if they count the favors of Allah, surely they can never count them. In Surat al-Kahf verse 190 states that if the sea water as ink to write down the gift of Allah pleasure would not be enough though till sea water dry up. So i'll pray for myself supaya Allah berikan guts for me to tegur my friend yang akan kuhadap mukanya lagi setahun and, semoga Allah memberikan kita hidayah.

Pray to Allah untuk jadikan kita hamba yang sentiasa memperbaiki diri sendiri.

Allah humah dini fiman hadait.
O’ Allah, guide me among those whom you have guided
Allahuma Ameen.


ps My mum hummed to the song of gong xi gong xi gong zi ni.

"Mana boleh nyanyi lagu raya, ibarat kita seronok Ramadhan nak pergi.........." -Mama.

but mama, FOR REAL??? GONG XI FA CAI?????? 

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