by Ed Oked

Salam 'Alaikum. Tell u what, I am totally lying If I say I am not sedih, keciwa the scholarship was not on my side. I takpat tapi Dinie dapat (congratulate her now) hahaha. Maybe bcs I applied for Medicine. And my friends in the group yang applied for Medicine semua tak dapat, MAYBE dia strict kan "Medicine" sebab dah ramai bakal bakal doctor, kut? Ntahlah. Tapi I strongly believe, Allah has better plans for me, sesungguhnya Dia mengetahui apa yang aku tidak ketahui. Husnudzon. 

One thing jer yang I sedih bila tak dapat scholarship, again My parents kena fund my studies. Again i'll owe my parents. Of course, even scholarship recipients, and everyone of us pun still owe our parents for the rest of our lives. Tapi, fees ke ipta is not a small amount

Maybe I am to forget dream to becoming a doctor. Gotta try something more fun and unexpected, should I? 

Tapi Inshallah, Allah will guide me to the jalan yang terbaik. 

bcs dunya is Fana.  Live your life the way you want it to be. Sometimes, learn that life brings you to unexpected destinations that make life merrier. or colourful whatnot

"The best thing in life are unexpected- because there were no expectations" -Eli Khamarov

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