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When They Challenged Allah

Assalamualaikum :)

am currently in a condition where i couldnt accept the fact that the days before school are open barely by fingers.............. :( (Tahan nangis) - nanti rindu mama papa toilet dapur tv katil empuk bantak kepam) 

haha :D. next year im going to be 7teen. a senior. okay but thats not the main point of everything i wanna write today.............................. dadaddididaldududaudl

okay, as i was "hacking" the internet by means, menggeledah internet. (bukan nak tengok 18xx ke porn ke) Bhahahahaha. i terlihat something that is very good indeed. By sheikh Hassan Ali- When They Challenged Allah. Okay actually it comes in the form of 22 minutes of video but wut i write ni berdasarkan kefahaman means, summary la. (sort of) hihi.

The name of Jabbar,
If Allah is addressing someone with "Jabbar" its actually a negative sign. It is because, Allah Himself is a Al Jabbar- Powerful then its a right one. But if the servants, (son of Adam) tries to be or to imitate…